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Hotsy of Las Vegas and Hotsy of Henderson offer equipment financing through both ClickLease and Lease Consultants, so you can pick the payment plan that works the best for you!

Why do our customers choose equipment financing via Lease Consultants?

  • Simple, one-page application
  • No documentation fee
  • No application fee
  • Flexible payment options
  • Same day funding
  • Fast credit approval
  • Over 70% of applications are approved

Why do our customers choose equipment financing via ClickLease?

  • All credit scores are welcomed
  • Equipment financing approvals up to $20,000
  • No documentation required
  • Final approval takes 4 seconds
  • Same day funding
  • No time in business requirement
  • Simple application
  • No hard credit pull
  • No compound interest
  • Fixed fee, low monthly payments
  • Flexible terms (24 months, 36 months, 48 months)
  • No harm to credit
  • No impact to available credit
  • Early pay off okay
  • Early pay off options
  • Early pay off discounts
  • Option for you to own the equipment

As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of cash flow needs. A piece of equipment is a large purchase, and you may not want to drain the cash balance in your bank account. This is where equipment financing comes in. Instead of one large drain to your cash balance, you get predictable monthly payments that are spread out over time.

Many of the equipment we sell are revenue generators for our clients. In other words, our clients use the equipment as part of their service offerings, generating more revenues into their company. In these situations, equipment financing makes even more sense. For example, suppose the equipment costs $10,000 if you were to purchase it outright. If you were to finance it, suppose the monthly payments are $275. If you are able to use this piece of equipment to generate $300 a month for your company (or save $300 a month for your company because you no longer need to outsource the service), you are effectively increasing your cash flow by $25 per month with no cash outlay. Why drain your cash balance by $10,000 when you can spread the purchase price over time? In our example, you are able to immediately use the equipment to add $300 a month in revenues to your company. Since the monthly payments are $275, you are actually increasing the cash flow of your company with this piece of equipment.

Equipment financing is not just for people with bad credit or people who can't afford the purchase price of the equipment. In this day and age, equipment financing is a smart business strategy when you can utilize the right equipment with the right monthly payments to increase the cash flow of your company.


Gone are the days when borrowers beg the bank to give them a loan. In today's day and age, multiple lenders often fight for the opportunity to get your business, offering ever more attractive payment plans. At Hotsy of Las Vegas and Hotsy of Henderson, we are on your side. We will help you compare the different payment plans offered by different equipment financing companies, and help you choose the one that makes the most sense for your situation.

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