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The steam cleaners carried by Hotsy of Las Vegas and Hotsy of Henderson come in three varieties. The first variety is the pure steam cleaner. The steam cleaner is a highly-effective, eco-friendly way to disinfect surfaces without using chemicals. Whenever there is a hard surface such as bathroom floors, kitchen floors, commercial kitchen walls, sauna benches, or any other hard surface that requires disinfection to stay sanitary, our professional steam cleaners uses steam to quickly remove the germs without the use of chemicals and cleaning agents.

The Kärcher steam cleaners we carry are certified in surface disinfection according to EN 16615 and verified by an external laboratory. A variety of viruses, bacteria, and germs including the enterococcus hirae, MVA, murines norovirus, and adenovirus have been tested and successfully killed by our steam cleaners.

A significant advantage to using steam cleaners for disinfection is the prevention of multi-resistant germs. Perhaps you have heard of antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA. The more we use antibiotics, the more resistant bacteria become to antibiotics, rendering existing antibiotics ineffective, which leads to the use of stronger antibiotics, ever more resistant bacteria, and a vicious cycle. The same principle is at play with multi-resistant germs. The more we use disinfecting chemicals, the more resistant germs become, and the harsher chemicals we need to use. With a steam cleaner, you become part of a movement that disinfects without chemicals. By only using steam (which is water at a very high temperature), you can kill the germs without relying on the use of chemicals. Not only is cleaning by steam resource-friendly, but it also does not leave any chemical residues on the surfaces.

If the first variety of steam cleaner is a pure steam cleaner, the second variety we carry is a steam cleaner / vacuum cleaner combination. One machine steam cleans and vacuums at the same time. The vacuum cleaner is designed to vacuum both wet and dry materials. Any excess water is removed immediately during the steaming process. The user interface is extremely easy-to-use with one simple rotary switch with self-explanatory symbols. Simply turn the vacuum function on or off with a switch, and the water/steam regulation can be easily adjusted.

The third variety of steam cleaner we carry is designed for removing chewing gum. With a powerful lithium battery that allows for eight hours of work time, the entire steam cleaner is cordless and designed to be worn as a backpack. The operator simply walks around outdoors and indoors, and easily remove any dried chewing gum on surfaces in seconds. For removing chewing gum, a biodegradable cleaning agent made from vegetable extract is included.

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