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Want to try before you buy? Not ready to own yet?

No worries. Hotsy of Las Vegas and Hotsy of Henderson got you covered!

We offer a wide selection of rental equipment for the pressure washing industry. If you are currently using a different brand of pressure washer or if you have heard that Hotsy pressure washers are the “Cadillac” of pressure washers but you are not sure why, come try it out for yourself! There is no need to break the bank to test out a Hotsy pressure washer. You can rent it for a day, rent it for the weekend, rent it for an entire week, or rent it for a month.

We have both Hotsy hot water pressure washers and Hotsy cold water pressure washers available for rent. Depending on what you are cleaning, the water temperature can make a dramatic difference.


If you are simply removing dirt, a cold water pressure washer is often times enough. If you need to remove grease and oil, on the other hand, you will most likely need a hot water pressure washer. Think of the time when you need to wash your hands when your hands are covered in oil. Using a detergent to get the oil off can help, but is often not enough. It’s the combination of detergent and hot water that removes the oil effectively. The same principle applies to pressure washing. If you use a cold water pressure washer to try to remove oil, the cold water with pressure can actually harden the oily substances, making them more difficult to remove. Whether you need a Hotsy hot water pressure washer or Hotsy cold water pressure washer, whether you need a pressure washer with wheels that you can easily roll around or one that is mounted on a trailer for you to easily drive around, we have the right rental solution for you.

In addition to renting pressure washers, we also rent a variety of pressure washing hoses, pressure washing wands, and pressure washing nozzles. Perhaps you need a special sewer jetter hose that will allow you to easily remove debris and unclog sewer drains. Perhaps you need a telescoping wand that will allow you to pressure wash hard-to-reach areas from the safety of the ground. Perhaps you want to increase your cleaning impact; our turbo rotating nozzle for rent can increase the cleaning impact by over 10 times over a traditional fan spray nozzle.

Want to impress your customer by how eco-friendly your pressure washing operation is? We have water recovery systems for rent that allow you to capture the wastewater after pressure washing, filter the wastewater, and reuse the graywater again for pressure washing. This reduces the water usage by up to 98% and prevents oil, grease, and heavy metals removed during the pressure washing process from flowing into the stormwater system, which feeds into our streams and lakes.

We also offer jetters for rent, allowing you to easily unclog sewer pipes. Many pressure washing business owners have invested in a jetter to take advantage of this in-demand service. If you are not ready to purchase a jetter yet, renting one is a good place to start. Try it out, and find out for yourself how profitable this service is!

The owner of Hotsy of Las Vegas and Hotsy of Henderson has been in the pressure washing business for over 30 years. Our expert consultants have in-depth knowledge on which pressure washer and which accessories to rent that will give you the cleaning results you are looking for. When you have the right equipment for the job, it is almost a no brainer to impress your customers.


Don’t settle for inferior performance. Rent the equipment you need today!


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