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Our professional spray extraction machines provide just the tool you need to thoroughly clean carpets and upholstery. The same machine performs two functions: spraying the cleaning agent, and vacuuming it up. When the level of contamination is low, the two functions can be done simultaneously as one step; the cleaning agent is sprayed and the loosened dirt is vacuumed up at the same time. When the level of contamination is high, the two functions can be done separately: the cleaning agent is sprayed and allowed time to react. A few minutes later, the operator vacuums everything up.

The spray extractors can be carried easily with its ergonomically designed carrying handle. The machine is well-balanced, allowing for comfortable transport by simply picking it up with one hand. In addition, the suction tube holder has been integrated into the carrying handle, which makes carrying the machine from room to room secure and convenient.

The design of the machine is compact and durable. The brands we carry are made to last. The diaphragm pump and materials are chosen in such a way that they last a long time, minimizing any down time. There are two large buttons that can be conveniently operated by hand or foot.

The Kärcher extractors are ergonomic with an extra short upholstery nozzle, which is ideal for use in tight spaces, including vehicle interiors. The handle is comfortable to use and feels good to the touch.

For the hotel and hospitality industry, our carpet extractors allow professional cleaning to all carpets and upholstered furniture, removing stains quickly and easily. For the automotive industry, the operator can easily deep clean the auto interior. Whether it’s coffee stains or ketchup, the spray extractors we carry quickly sprays the cleaning agent and vacuums the unwanted materials in one step, leaving the car seats smell and look like new. For restaurants and the food service industry where carpets and upholstery can be stained by coffee, juice, red wine, butter, ketchup, or beer, our professional extractors can easily remove the stains and return your carpets and couches to pristine condition. For office buildings and conference centers where the door mats in entrance areas are regularly filled with dirt and dust, our carpet extractors will give it a brand new look. The spray extractor machines we carry are a must have to thoroughly clean the upholstered chairs in offices and meeting rooms.

We have corded as well as cordless carpet cleaners and spray-extraction cleaners available. Let our knowledgeable consultants help you choose the right cleaning machine today!

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