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Set your pressure washing business apart from the competition by being known as the eco-friendly pressure washer! More and more corporations, industrial customers, and local governments have environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals that require them to work with vendors that are environmentally friendly in the way they run their business. As the awareness on climate change and environmental protection grows, more and more city and State governments are passing environmental regulations that pressure washing companies must follow.

Is your pressure washing operations compliant with the latest environmental regulations? When you pressure wash sidewalks, buildings, vehicles, commercial kitchen hoods, walls, etc., the pressure washing process removes oil, grease, and heavy metal from the surface being cleaned. While this is the intended result of pressure washing, the unintended consequence is that these toxic substances can flow into the sewer drains, which get carried into our streams, lakes, and eventually the ocean. All the grime, oil, grease, and heavy metal in our waterways not only kill wildlife, but also work their way up the food chain and end up being consumed by humans, adversely affecting human health.

If your pressure washing business currently does not have the means to reclaim and treat dirty water, it is a great time to set your business apart from the competition by not only complying with all the environmental regulations, but also market yourself as the most eco-friendly pressure washing operation in the area. Here at Hotsy of Las Vegas and Hotsy of Henderson, we are experts in water treatment and water reclamation for the pressure washing industry. With over three decades of industry experience, we can show pressure washing operators how to vacuum up the dirty water used in pressure washing, recycle the graywater, and use it again, thus reducing water usage by up to 98%. Not only do you prevent toxic substances from flowing down the stormwater system, but you also dramatically reduce your water usage, which is a great selling point to corporate and government customers alike.

Get in touch with our water reclamation and water treatment experts today. We will help you take your pressure washing business to the next level!

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