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When it comes to commercial and professional use, a residential vacuum cleaner just won’t do. Depending on the needs of your trade, our cleaning professionals can help you select the commercial vacuum that will do the job.

For example, construction sites are filled with large quantities of dry dust, sawdust, and material residue. If a regular vacuum cleaner were used, the large quantities of fine dust can easily get stuck in the machines. By selecting our fine dust vacuum cleaner with the patented Trigger Air Cleaning Technology (TACT), you are able to vacuum up large amounts of fine dust without needing a filter bag. With the correct adaptor, you are also able to vacuum directly on the power tool.

For restaurants, storefronts, hotels, offices, and showrooms where spilled liquid may present a tripping hazard, it is imperative that the spilled liquid gets cleaned up as quickly as possible.  While most vacuum cleaners cannot handle vacuuming liquids, the combination wet and dry vacuum cleaners we carry allow you to vacuum up anything on the floor – whether it’s wet or dry. Forget the mop. If there is a large volume of spilled liquid on the floor, simply use our combination wet and dry vacuum cleaner to vacuum it up quickly and effortlessly.  For firefighters who wish to vacuum up large amounts of water left behind from firefighting, or restoration contractors that wish to vacuum up large volumes of water after flooding, our specially designed wet and dry vacuum cleaners can handle the liquid.

Do you need a heat-resistant vacuum?  We have completely heat-resistant vacuums that allow you to vacuum directly inside the bakery oven. We also have special vacuum cleaners designed for fire brigades, allowing the firefighter to vacuum up materials that are potentially hot.

For industries such as auto painting and asbestos removal, hazardous dirt can be harmful to everyone’s health. Our specialized safety vacuum cleaners are designed to vacuum carcinogenic materials, asbestos dust, lead, coal, nickel, cobalt, copper, cadmium,mold, and other hazardous dust. Our specialized technology removes the hazardous dust from the environment safely and keeps it safely inside the vacuum cleaner.

If you work in an environment that generates dust, don’t leave your health and safety to inferior vacuum cleaners. Wood dust can lead to nasal cancer in the long run. Welding sites can generate lead, cadmium, vanadium, and manganese dust, which can damage the lungs, spleen, and liver. Mouse droppings and bird droppings can contain dangerous viruses. Mold spores can cause allergies and other health problems. Asbestos dust and silica can cause cancer. Fibrinogenic dust can cause lung damage. Having the right vacuum cleaner that is specially designed to remove dangerous dust is essential to protecting the health and safety of everyone.

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