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If the floor area you need to clean is large or the floor needs to be cleaned frequently, investing in a floor scrubber will pay off manyfold. A floor scrubber / dryer combination machine cleans your floor much faster compared to manual floor cleaning. With the latest designs, pre-vacuuming is a thing of the past. A floor scrubber dryer automatically cleans the floor as it moves through. In some systems, the cleaning solution is mixed in the freshwater tank. In automatic dosing systems, the cleaning solution is automatically added in front of the brush head. The brush then scrubs the floor and rotates at just the right pressure, creating consistent and perfect cleaning results every time. The dirty water is then suctioned up and collected in the dirty water tank. As the floor scrubber dryer moves through, the floor gets cleaned efficiently and effortlessly.

There are different types of floor scrubber dryers for different commercial applications. For small areas that require frequent cleaning such as retail shops, restaurants, kitchens, and hotels, a compact / manual push floor scrubber dryer is ideal. The small size of our compact floor scrubbers allows the operator to access all the small areas as well as the twists and turns. The compact / manual push floor scrubber dryer works especially well for areas that are heavily furnished such as grocery stores or retail displays where the operator needs to maneuver the floor scrubber around different objects.

For medium-sized areas such as swimming pools, halls, retail, corridors and aisles, and the floors of many facilities, the walk-behind floor scrubber dryer is ideal. With the walk-behind version, the operator simply walks behind the floor scrubber and directs it towards the floor areas that need to be cleaned. On smaller floor scrubbers, it is possible for the operator to push the scrubber forward. On larger floor scrubbers, a traction drive is integrated into the machine, allowing the machine to move forward without the operator needing to push.

For large areas such as warehouses, airports, shopping centers, conference centers, and car parks, the ride-on / step-on floor scrubber dryer is ideal. In these models, the operator simply sits or steps on the floor scrubber and drives it around.

We also sell fully autonomous floor scrubber dryers that automatically scrubs and cleans the floor without the need for an operator. Similar to a robot vacuum cleaner, the autonomous floor scrubber utilizes the latest technology seen in self-driving cars such as laser scanners, 3-D and ultrasonic sensors, and onboard computer to automatically navigate around obstacles, initiate appropriate evasive maneuvers, and clean all the areas that need to be cleaned.

For stairs and escalators, we also have specialized floor scrubbers designed just to clean stairs and escalators.

The floor scrubber dryer brands we carry have technology designed to minimize operator error. For example, all the machine settings are set by the supervisor. The operator is given a KIK Intelligent Key. By inserting the key, the machine turns on and runs on the settings that were set by the supervisor. You can be assured that your floor will be cleaned quickly and correctly every time.

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