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When the area that needs to be swept is large, using a broom is no longer an option. Investing in the right floor sweeper allows you to quickly sweep large areas of floor space. The floor sweepers we carry are sweeper / vacuum combinations, called vacuum sweepers. The roller brush spins to remove the dust from the ground, and the vacuum immediately suctions up the dust and deposits it in the filter system.

The vacuum sweepers we carry come in four main varieties. The first kind is push vacuum sweepers where the operator manually pushes the vacuum sweeper around. This is designed to sweep small areas. Our push vacuum sweepers can clean approximately 30,000 to 40,000 square feet per hour.

The second type of vacuum sweepers we carry is walk-behind vacuum sweepers. These machines are larger, and the operator walks behind the vacuum sweeper and directs it while it drives forward by itself. A walk-behind vacuum sweeper can clean approximately 36,000 to 51,000 square feet per hour.

The third type of vacuum sweepers is ride-on vacuum sweepers where the operator sits on a chair and drives it around. Our ride-on vacuum sweepers can clean approximately 55,000 to 146,000 square feet per hour.

The fourth type of vacuum sweepers is industrial vacuum sweepers, designed for the toughest industrial use in large areas as well as increased dirt volumes. Similar to the ride-on vacuum sweepers, the operator also sits on a chair and drives the industrial vacuum sweeper around. Our industrial vacuum sweepers can clean approximately 77,500 to 300,000 square feet per hour.

Our vacuum sweepers can be used on both indoor and outdoor grounds. The type of roller brush that is installed determines the flooring surface the vacuum sweeper can be used on. The standard roller has medium bristle hardness; it is ideal for normal street dirt, leaves, and dust on asphalt. The hard roller with hard bristles are ideal for rough surfaces, heavy waste, and stubborn dirt. Depending on the application, we also carry hard rollers with steel inserts. For indoor applications, we have a soft roller that is ideal for removing dirt from indoor floors. For carpets and artificial turf, we also carry an antistatic roller that will help you achieve the optimal cleaning result.

We have vacuum sweepers powered by petrol, diesel, LPG, as well as electric. Talk to our consultant today to inquire about the right floor sweeper for you!

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