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There is a large and profitable market in the sewer and drain cleaning industry. The property owner has a need, and will likely pay premium prices to get the sewer drains unclogged ASAP. Whether you are just getting started in the plumbing business or you are an experienced professional looking to purchase additional equipment, our knowledgeable consultants can help you choose the right jetter and custom-build the configuration for your needs.

Why is it a good idea to own a jetter? A jetter is designed to unclog drains by power washing the inside of the pipe. It’s an in-demand service that more and more customers are asking for. Owning a jetter is an investment that will pay off.

What is the difference between a jetter and a pressure washer? Why can’t you just use your pressure washer to unclog pipes? The first difference is the amount of flow. The pipe sizes for most commercial and residential jetting work range between 2 inches to 8 inches, which means that the pipes typically need 8 to 18 gallons per minute (GPM) at 3,000 to 4,000 pound per square inch (PSI) to be cleaned effectively. Most pressure washers simply do not produce enough GPM. Most pressure washers range from 2 to 5 GPM, which is short of the 8 to 18 GPM needed to unclog pipes effectively.

The cleaning tools that come with a jetter are designed specifically to unclog drains. Jetting hoses are low in friction, lightweight, and stiff enough to push. Most jetters come with at least 200 to 300 feet of hose while most pressure washing hoses are 50 feet or less. Many jetters also come with a pulsating function, allowing the nozzle to pull the hose further into the drain, which means you are able to clean the pipe areas that wouldn’t otherwise be reached. Furthermore, if the hose or nozzle gets stuck in the drain, the pulsating function can help it get unstuck. Having the right tools designed for the job does wonders to unclog sewer pipes effectively.

Another important difference between a jetter and pressure washer is the amount of additional control jetters give to the operator. Most pressure washers are factory-set at the maximum pressure and full engine throttle. The only way to start and stop the water is on the handheld trigger, and there is no pressure gauge. By contrast, jetters give the operator full control to adjust the flow, pressure, and pulsation. The pressure gauge on the jetter allows the operator to monitor the settings to ensure not only effective cleaning, but also the safety of the operator as well as ensuring damage is not done to the customer’s pipes.

There are many decisions to make when it comes to choosing the right jetter. What type of jetting work do you plan on doing? How much should you spend on a jetter? Should you go for portable, mountable, or trailer? How much pressure and flow do you need?  Should you go with gas, diesel, propane, or electric? What nozzles, accessories, and tools do you need?  The experts at Hotsy of Las Vegas and Hotsy of Henderson can help you select and custom-build the jetting equipment that is right for you. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

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