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Over the years, different families have had the honor of owning and operating this dealership. What remains the same is our attitude to treat everyone like family. We know our customers well, and we are nice and fair to everybody. When a customer's pressure washer is not working, we often bend over backwards to get it fixed ASAP. We are proud to be honest, fair, and friendly. You are not going to feel like you are ripped off by doing business with us. If you like dealing with genuine people who are not going to sell you on things you don't need, you will enjoy being treated like family here. We work hard to offer some of the best service you will receive in the region.

our history pic1Eric Wilson, General Manager and Mayumi Muller, Vice President

Our dealership started as Hotsy Southwest in 1982. Phil and Denise Sheridan worked for the original owners and purchased the business in 1995. After operating the business for 20 years, Phil and Denise were ready for something different. In 2015, Mike, Pat, and Lorraine Minchey purchased the business from Phil and Denise. Mike had just retired from the dairy industry and Pat had just retired from thecasino industry, and they were looking for a challenge for the next phase of their lives. They worked hard over the next seven years to build the business and weathered the ups and downs of the economy. In 2022, Aaron Muller came into the picture and purchased the business from the Minchey family. Aaron brings 33 years of experience in the pressure washing and commercial cleaning industries. Aaron started as a truck washer in Washington State, and worked his way up to becoming the operations manager, and eventually the co-owner of the truck washing company.

Since then, Aaron has built his truck washing company to the largest eco-friendly truck washing, pressure washing, and commercial kitchen hood cleaning company in Washington State with 50+ employees. Today, the company Aaron built washes over 20,000 trucks per month, pressure washes millions of square feet of commercial properties every year, and provides commercial kitchen hood cleaning services to over 1,250 clients across Washington State.

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The Hotsy dealership fit like a glove. As the owner of a pressure washing company, Aaron had tried all the different pressure washers and setups. Aaron knew which pressure washers were effective and which ones were not, and Hotsy pressure washers stood above the rest. When the opportunity came to purchase the Hotsy dealership from the Minchey family, Aaron jumped on it. Most people do not realize it, but pressure washing is a dirty job. When trucks, buildings, sidewalks, garages, and commercial kitchen hoods are pressure washed, the pressure washing process removes the grease, oil, and heavy metals. While that is the intended result, the unintended consequence is that the grease, oil, and heavy metals removed can flow down the storm drain system. When this happens, they get carried into our waterways and wreak havoc on our water quality, wildlife, and eco-system. More and more local governments and environmental agencies are becoming aware of this issue and passing environmental compliance regulations on companies that utilize pressure washers.

Aaron Muller has built one of the most successful pressure washing companies in Washington State based on being the most eco-friendly pressure washing company. Aaron has deep knowledge of the pressure washing setups needed to comply with all the environmental regulations. Not only can you avoid environmental fines by relying on our expertise, but we can also show you how to set yourself apart from the competition by going above and beyond the law and utilizing the most environmentally friendly pressure washer setups available. One example is a setup that can reduce your water usage by up to 98%. As the industry moves towards water conservation and environmental responsibility, companies need to ensure their pressure washing operations are up-to-date with the latest environmental regulations.

Under the Muller family's leadership, Hotsy Southwest has expanded into two locations: Hotsy of Henderson and Hotsy of Las Vegas. No other pressure washer and cleaning equipment dealers in the area carry the high-quality brands we do due to our exclusive agreements with top brands such as Hotsy and Kärcher, and no other dealership has the environmental compliance expertise that we do. After 40 years in the business, we are proud of our history and stand ready to serve you. Give us a call today to speak with our pressure washing and cleaning equipment experts!

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